Recover Your Outlook PST file

And get your Outlook back to work


All of those Microsoft Outlook files that are corrupted are a terrible situation for users. These corrupted files annoy them and hinders their workflow. Corrupted PST files are possible to repair with Outlook's Inbox Repair Tool, which is enabled by the use of a program file known as 'Scanpst.exe'. Nevertheless in a few situations this .exe file can encounter errors.

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 Software Features:

  • Very easy for use
  • All Office versions are supported 
  • Undelete lost emails
  • Mailbox Password recovery
  • PST file mailbox errors recovery


Where is Your Free Microsoft Scanpst.exe ? 




Scanpst.exe Alternative Provided with Free SCAN !


PST Recovery with Scanpst.exe Alternative

The ability to archive in our product’s Personal Storage Tablet (PST) files gives you the option to split your emails into multiple PSTs. All emails stored in these files are easily managed, and can be accessed any time in our product. It’s highly useful for those people who get a large number of emails daily, and are often swamped when trying to find one or the other. These options allow them to sort the emails according to their type to make for easier access. However, sometimes an archive can be damaged or corrupted, which can often lead to problems. Fortunately, however, this issue is almost always easy to resolve.

The first step you should take is try the built-in Inbox Repair Tool present in our product, or try using an appropriate backup software recovery system to fix the issue.  If that doesn’t work, try archiving the PST file, storing it on a network drive, and then transferring it to your computer. However, if you try to open the PST  in our software itself, then that might display an error saying ‘The file drive_letter: archive.pst is not a personal folders file’, which shows that the corruption of the file has made it impossible to read due to the damages to the folder structure, stopping it from communicating over any network.
Therefore, to fix this, use the Outlook Inbox Repair Tool to repair the damaged archive.

This can be done by closing the application and going to the file folder. Open the folder options and enable ‘show hidden files and folders’. Only when that is done will you be able to access the file ‘Scanpst.exe’, which you can do by typing its name in the search box. Activate the file and navigate to the location of your damaged .PST. After that, it’s a simple matter of clicking ‘start’ to initiate the recovery process.
To confirm the success of the process, try opening it again. If the corruption still exists, then try to use PST recovery software as a final resort. That should fix all problems.